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Artist Statement


The beauty,majesty and colour of nature and the incredible tenacity of natural spaces inspire my work.  In painting I aim to evoke the permanence and impermanence of the natural world by portraying nature in seasonal motion.  By using images of rocks, roots, forests, flora, shifting vistas of light and ephemeral skies, I paint nature as omnipresent, tenacious and ever changing. Mystic Irish boglands, open cloudless skies, rolling rural farmland, the dense boreal forests of Quebec and the tempestuous coastlands of the west coast of Ireland are continuing themes. As well depictions of flowers and grasses continue to inspire.

More recent works have moved to a more abstracted form of landscape painting, focussing more on colour and texture but still inspired by landscape. 

In the act of painting, I love the act of applying paint to canvas –the laying of one colour against another, the creation of texture and form. A painting is like a living organism; there is a dialogue between the paint and the painter. I strive to imbue mood and feeling into that conversation. 

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